What is PAEI?

The first such initiative of its kind in Pakistan, we are unifying our strengths.

PAEI - Pakistan Association of Exhibitions Industry – wants to initiate its endeavor of value creation for Pakistani Exhibitions, Conventions, and Conferences Industry. The association has come forward as a National level platform, representing organizers, managers & service providers in Exhibitions and events. It is committed to contribute significantly by playing a catalytic role in shaping up the Trade, Commerce and Industrial environment of the country.

PAEI will promote cooperation among all areas of the exhibition industry and is dedicated to the advancement of the exhibition, meetings and special events industries. Education, Training and developing competitive Business Skills will be one of its vital focus and priority. The vision is to raise the standards of services in this segment. Information exchange and level of professionalism shared by members and their customers. This association is for the firms engaged in providing services and materials for the meetings, exhibition and hospitality industry:

  • Trade Shows & Exhibitions
  • Conventions, Conferences & Business Forums
  • Corporate Meetings & Events


The sector needs immediate implementation of codes and standards to ensure safe and aesthetic products and services. The existing trade associations do not fully address the problems and issues related to the service providers. Exhibitions and Events is not yet recognized an industry in service sector, resulting in no recognition to the service providers Exhibition and Event Service providers need a National Umbrella to safeguard their interest. Exports are the foremost important element which can support our economy. Having a strong Export led exhibitions’ and conventions’ base is the need of the hour. Secondly finding and exploring the unconventional markets around the world. This can all be done through organizing this supporting industry to support our manufacturing sector grow.


To be a leading Trade Organization in Pakistan to represent, advocate and safeguard interests of Exhibition and business event’s industry and evolving business environment in Pakistan.